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Seasonal influences and their impact on labor demands in various industries will always be a significant problem. Jobs at seasonal businesses such as hotels and restaurants in tourist towns are going unfilled. Business owners explain that it is often difficult to obtain local workers for these temporary and seasonal jobs.


It is clear that seasonal labor shortages are a consequence of the absence of prospective employees. Labor shortage is affecting the industries in the United States to such an extent that it is and will in the future constrain American business’s ability to achieve their productive potential. The service industries --- including healthcare, travel, hospitality, food service, leisure and recreation --- are particularly affected.


Employers who are finding it difficult to recruit local workers increasingly are turning to foreign workers for intermittent and seasonal jobs. It is only fair that those industries that are not covered by skilled migration options have access to the H-2B program, which brings reliable overseas workers for seasonal work. Businesses that experience peak seasons of operations, including national parks, hotels, resorts, ski lodges, ranches, restaurants, construction sites, and landscaping, use H-2B workers primarily for short periods of time.


Employers are caught in a bureaucratic morass in which they must seek approval from three federal agencies before they can hire foreign workers.


ExpressH2B thoroughly reviews your circumstances, selects qualified workers and submits accurate applications to the necessary Government Agencies.


Greatly simplifying the entire recruitment and visa application process.


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