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ExpressH2B provides quality foreign labor through the H-2B program and successfully manages the seasonal labor needs of its clients. To further our commitment, ExpressH2B has launched a unique Alliance Partner Program. This program selects best-in-class partners to deliver complimentary services to ExpressH2B Alliance Partner community.


We Seek Alliances With Companies That Offer:

  • International Recruiting services
  • Labor sourcing services
  • Accounting, Tax and Legal services
  • Travel services
  • Other services complimentary to H-2B visa services



Benefits To ExpressH2B Alliance Partners:


Increased Revenues and Expanded Customer Base

  • Increase web traffic from ExpressH2B and its community of Alliance Partners
  • Drive additional revenue for your company through revenue generation programs
  • Generate increased page and ad views
  • Expand business outreach and offer your services to a wider clientele



Great Value to Your Clients

  • Provide additional value by offering the best-in-class seasonal labor solutions and high quality services from ExpressH2B
  • Provide access to Special Offers from ExpressH2B’s Alliance Partners



Positive Impact on Sales and Joint Marketing

  • Access to Alliance Partners' marketing, sales and technical support
  • Access to on-line guides and training materials
  • Access to ExpressH2B’s marketing presentations, advertising, web promotions, direct mail, and other special promotions
  • Immigration Counseling and Training to Alliance Partners



To join ExpressH2B's Alliance Partner community, please complete the Alliance Profile



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