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How ExpressH2B Works


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Register with ExpressH2B.


ExpressH2B will guide you through an innovative, interactive, and easy-to-use questionnaire that provides us with the basic facts and information to start your H2B process.


An experienced ExpressH2B account manager will determine the best strategy to meet your U.S. employment needs.



STEP 1: Obtain Job Placement


ExpressH2B-Arranged Jobs

  • An ExpressH2B account manager reviews your background and works with you to find the most suitable employer
  • ExpressH2B arranges interviews from interested employers
  • You accept the offer with the employer of your choice and sign the employment agreement


Self-Arranged Jobs

  • If you found an employer that is willing to hire you, send us your employer contact details
  • ExpressH2B contacts the employer, evaluates the employer’s eligibility and then we start the process for you



STEP 2: Obtain Temporary Labor Certification
  • An experienced ExpressH2B immigration attorney prepares and submits the DOL application to the State Workforce Agency (SWA) for temporary labor certification
  • The National Processing Center (NPC) Certifying Officer grants the temporary labor certification



STEP 3: Obtain USCIS Approval
  • An experienced ExpressH2B immigration attorney prepares and thoroughly reviews the H-2B petition, compiles all the required documentation and submits the petition to the USCIS for approval
  • ExpressH2B mails you the original I-797 Notice of Approval
  • Congratulations!



STEP 4: Obtain Visa Approval (for workers from outside U.S.)


ExpressH2B and our international recruiting partners:

  • Help you compile and complete all necessary documentation
  • Coach and advise you on how to handle the Consular interview
  • Visa is issued! You report to your employer!




H-2B Extensions

If you are already in the United States on an H-2B visa, we will help you extend your H-2B status.



ExpressH2B accepts applications year-round. The process generally takes 4 to 5 months from your initial application until you receive the H-2B visa.



Schedule a FREE Consultation with a friendly ExpressH2B account manager.


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"It’s a pleasure to provide our full recommendation. From day one we realized that we were being represented by a capable, caring, and extremely professional and experienced team.”

Daniel Dorr,
General Manager,
Blue Sky Pest Control




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